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The Running Man...

Posted by Lucas Fletcher on August 6, 2010 at 11:44 AM Comments comments (6)

"The year is 2019. The finest men in America don't run for President, the run for their lives. Its a deadly game no one has ever survived, but Schwarzenegger has yet to play..."


Okay so its not that dramatic...but I did start running this morning. My friend Lili and I met up in town for the first of 27 scheduled workouts over the next few weeks. Let me first explain to you that I HATE running. Unless being chased by a hungry bear, and angry bull, or a crowd of torch wielding villagers my gate of choice is a leisurely walk. Fortunately my weight has never been an issue thanks to my shrew like metabolism, but any physical exertion leaves me out of breath, exhausted, and sore for days. So as a part of my self improvement and overall life plan I decided to get in shape, thus begins the C25K program.


C25K is short for Couch-to-5K and is designed to get new runners running 3 miles in 2 months. I had known about C25K for some time but as is the case with many others was always going to start it next week, or after this event, or when I got a treadmill...but basically my ass remained firmly planted on the couch. Last week Lili was saying that she also wanted to get in shape but was having similar motivation issues so we decided to become each others running buddy and champion. I am hopeful that the two of us will stick with it and complete the program and I'll be sure and keep everyone posted...or let you know what hospital you can send flowers after my heart attack :-)


Things on the farm are pretty uneventful right now. With the heat wave continuing in Vermont I am reluctant to do anything with the animals and risk heat stress, though I do need to worm the sheep at some point. We had some rain yesterday but not enough to amount to anything. If we don't get some consistent rainfall in the near future I am going to be in trouble. I have my first cutting of hay but still no second and was only planning on feeding hay from mid-October to mid-April. If I have to pull everyone off pasture and bring them home a month early I am going to be short hay which is never a fun situation.


In other news, my new saddle arrived. Its a Wintec 500 Icelandic and is specifically designed for Icelandic horses. Sóley, my mare arrived here from California about three years ago having lived in a tiny sand paddock. She was small, poorly muscled, and had no idea how to be a horse. It is my firm belief that horses need to be treated like horses and allowed the freedom to roam around a make decisions on their own. Three summers of being turned out with my other horse in a 12 acre field eating grass and not grain, using trees as shade and shelter but no barn, drinking water out of a pond and not a bucket have turned her into a stunning and self confident little mare who is now old enough to begin training, thus a saddle was needed. When she comes off pasture this fall she is headed off to boot camp with my friends Sigrún and Jason from Solheimar Farm Depending on how her training progresses she may become my competition horse or my broodmare. She is a real genetic powerhouse with her half brother, Röðull fra Kálfholti being one of the highest regarded four gaited horses in the world so I expect great things from her.


Thats all for now...stay cool and have fun!

Just what the internet needs...another blogger!

Posted by Lucas Fletcher on July 27, 2010 at 9:29 AM Comments comments (11)
Howdy Everyone, 

I have decided that perhaps it might be fun to blog.  I'm not entirely sure why as my life is not exactly exciting.  I try my best to live an uneventful life, with varying degrees of success.  So this blog is for those of you either interested in a small hobby farm in Vermont and want to know what it is like and for those lucky enough to know and want to keep tabs on Lucas...time will tell if I am going to find things worth blogging about!

Vermont has been home my entire life and frankly I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  Its a very special state that has figured out how to blend a rural agrarian life with all of the culture and amenities of the rest of the world. I work full time as a private duty caregiver (which for now pays for the livestock) and have aspirations to continue on in the medical world with some sort of an advanced degree.  The farm itself is just livestock, no crops, and is all run on leased land which is not my ideal, but works for the time being.  But enough about me, now on to the blog....

So far this has been a pretty good year, except for the heat wave that has gripped the northeast.  Last summer we were blessed (at least in my opinion) with a cool and rainy summer and a mild fall that kept the grass growing well into October, this year I'll be lucky to keep the animals grazing through September.  Such is life I suppose. Thankfully my first cutting of hay has already been delivered and with any luck my second cutting will follow along quickly.  

My second season of lambing out the Columbia's was a great success.  They have truly been a pleasure to raise. The ewes are excellent mothers who lamb out quickly and easily without any help from me and the lambs grow incredibly well on milk and pasture alone, no grain supplements at all.  I sold my lambs pretty quickly but I retained two beautiful ewes for myself.  I also added a stunning new yearling ram (see the photo below) from my friends Gene and Mary Langhus in Montana (many thanks go to Richard and Mary Ann Johnson for transporting him from North Dakota).  I'll be breeding him to 8 ewes this fall and I am terribly excited to see what he produces for lambs next spring.

Hopefully I also have 5 llamas are bred for 2011.  HRR Cimmarron arrived from Washington state this spring as a junior herdsire prospect to be used next year but showed a great aptitude for breeding so he was given the chance to prove his stuff.  After I ultrasound the girls we will know if he was successful in his attempts :-) 

Thats pretty much all that is coming to mind for now.  My various other horses, rabbits, parrots, dogs, and whatever else will also appear on the blog roll as time goes on, so stay tuned.  The website is a work in progress so please bear with me as you browse around.  I love hearing from friends, new and old, so never hesitate to email or phone.  I hope everyone is having a great summer...have fun, Lucas